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Colon is the large intestine connecting small intestine with the anal orifice .
Laparoscopic colon surgery is from a advanced minimally invasive surgery indicated for
  1. Diagnostic laparoscopy to pin point the diagnosis for abdominal cavity , involving all organs of abdominal cavity, staging of colon cancer , and taking biopsy .
  2. Appendicectomy for acute appendicitis and fatal perforation of appendix.
  3. Inflammatory bowel disease .
  4. Stricture of colon and small intestine leading to acute intestinal obstruction and gangrene of intestine .
  5. Intestinal perforation , a fatal condition.
  6. Intestinal obstruction.


Abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide under general anaesthesia , with 4 /5 holes ( ports) in the abdominal wall , a telescope is inserted in to the abdominal cavity, and entire operation is done under video assistance .
Procedures generally involves –

  1. Resection of the diseased colon or small intestine and the continuity of the colon is reestablished by a procedure called anastomosis ,which may be hand sewn , or by a instrument called stapler.
  2. Adhesiolysis of adherent intestine with itself and other organs causing intestinal obstruction and pain.
  3. Repair of perforated intestine.
  4. Resection of divertuculam and polyps.


  • Less postoperative pain
  • May shorten hospital stay
  • May result in a faster return to solid-food diet
  • May result in a quicker return of bowel function
  • Quicker return to normal activity
  • Improved cosmetic


It depends on the surgeon and anaesthetists decision , depending on the cardio vascular status of the patients , elligible for general anaesthesia with carbon dioxide inflation of abdomen , stage of the cancer , comolication arising from the disease , like gross sepsis and septicaemia , age .
Patients with heart failure , severe respiratory disease , morbid obesity , advanced cancers and previous history multiple abdominal surgeries and excluded .