Before getting into the details of laparoscopic appendectomy, let us understand what is the appendix and what its functions are.

Simply put, the appendix is a long narrow tube that is attached to the first part of the colon. Usually, the appendix is located in the lower right portion of the abdominal cavity. The appendix produces immunoglobulins, a protein that destroys bacteria and fights all the infections in the body.

What does the appendectomy procedure involve?

Appendicitis is known to be one of the most common physical problems. As per the survey records, one out of every 2000 people undergoes laparoscopic appendectomy surgery during their lifetime. This surgical treatment is carried out to remove the infected appendix. However, in most of the cases of laparoscopic appendectomy, surgeons operate through three small incisions while watching the computerized images of the patient’s internal organs on a monitor.

What are the pros of this surgery?

Few common advantages are:

  • May shorten hospital stay
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Normal bowel function returns quite quicker
  • Better cosmetic results (due to minimal scars)